At the threshold of the Neora Valley National Park, the village is spread in the different levels of the green mountain with a breathtaking view of the whole valley lying at your feet where river Chail flows down and scattered hamlets with shining tin roof stand like toy houses. As far as the eyes can see, the green valley and the rolling green hills simply goes on and on towards the north and then took a westerly turn to end at the foot of mighty Kangchenjunga. The snow peaks of Kabru, Kabrudome, Kangchenjunga and Pandim stand out against the turquoise blue sky. Wooden rooms with big glass windows, adorn with cane made settee brings in the view into your room. All rooms are  attached clean modern bathrooms cum washrooms.


DRONGO -   Rs 2600.00 (Front Attic Rooms & Super Deluxe Suite)

DRONGO -   Rs 2400.00 (Road Side Attic Rooms)

MINIVET -   Rs 2000.00 (3 Log Huts)

WAGTAIL - Rs 1600.00 (3 Deluxe Rooms)

Additional 10% Service Charge

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